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When Christians Persecute Others

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It is Always a Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I think it is a bit ridiculous for those individuals who point to all those who do not believe in the Bible or the God of the Bible, to claim that the non-believers are in essence and fact the root of the world's problems. Of course, when has organized religion ever taken the time to stop and really consider, admit to their part in the many atrocities throughout history? Perhaps their reasoning is that since they have God and salvation through Jesus Christ they don't have to worry about their aberrant behavior ever being the root of the world's problems.

What happened to the popular saying people have been repeating for eons, that money is the root of all evil? Apparently, that long-standing measure of the financially obsessed has lost its appeal. After all, maybe it just seems more exciting and fun for the fanatically religious to blame non-believers for problems, right? I mean, sometimes those who are blamed don't turn and walk away but rather turn and defend themselves...and with any luck they will fight the religious crusaders of the universe, which in turn can be manipulated to appear as though Christians are being attacked for believing in God.

So many Christians are eager to claim they are being persecuted but at the same time are loathe to admit their own guilty acts of persecution against others who choose a different god(s) to worship, or even no deity at all. Also, what is quite often left out of Christian claims of persecution are the true reasons why a person or group of people have decided to speak out against Christianity and the Bible, why they are angry with Christianity and the Bible and God. Many Christians would rather have as many people as possible believe that they are under attack just for following the Bible and believing in God and Jesus, rather than being under attack because someone got sick and tired of being told that they are evil for being gay or are going to hell because they don't measure up to a God they don't even believe in in the first place.

Overall, Christianity has done a pretty good job of making itself and its members look like the helpless persecuted of the world, goodly searching, spiritually hungry and suffering, yet amazingly hopeful spiritual refugees just waiting for their victorious savior to return and take them home. However, the growing technology within communication coupled with a greater effort for the thorough study of history is little-by-little peeling away the gilded mask of institutionalized religion. And what lies beneath the beautiful mask? Ugliness, fear, maniac desire for control, forced submission, endless lies, psychopathic stories repainted and retold as miracles, severe abuse, theft, genocide, infanticide, deep prejudice, and threats that are all anything BUT love and compassion, and certainly devoid of anything having to do with freewill.

Before Christianity or any other major religion starts claiming that its adherents are being persecuted, these faiths really need to buckle down and take a look at the crazy shit, the persecution they have aimed at each other and at those who do not wish to believe. You will run into many fine, kind people who are Christian, sure. However, Christianity itself is cruel and mean and it draws its power and its control through the persistent persecution of others.

According to this unfortunate, almost comatose fear monger the 'net' is closing in around Christians as the world becomes more and more dangerous. 'THEY' are coming for the Christians and 'THEY' are coming for the children of the Christians. Oh, and 'THEY' are full of shit.

This man talks about the price that is paid in some form or other for being a Christian. He seems to conveniently forget the price that is paid by those who are not Christian. What is their price? A wide variety of prejudices and stereotypes and put downs and bombardments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23NEz3Vc4L0

According to this man a couple in California who held Bible Studies in their home were told by authorities that if they did not stop the gatherings they would be fined. The way this man explains the story you would think that some unusual and religiously horrible thing happened that threatens the souls of everyone. This guy really needs to stop saying, "Can you believe this? This is America we are talking about." He is misinterpreting facts in order to give his delusional spiritual quest a little oomph. Oh, and the couple is still holding Bible Studies in their home and religious rights are being protected. 

Then there is the flip side of the coin, right? Do you think that Christians would give a good goddamn and a mother f*ck if it was not their own Christianity? Would they be even remotely interested in fighting for, showing support for a couple holding home studies about metaphysics, philosophy, Wicca, Shamanism, and a whole laundry list of others? I am not saying that this couple should not be supported because Christianity fails to support others who believe differently, no. I am just saying that it is interesting how Christianity as a whole cannot view anything from any other perspective other than its own.

Oh please!! Faith purification? What is the difference between that and what some Christian groups ask their congregation members to do or to think or to believe? This video is great in vilifying the Muslim faith, while at the same time NOT mentioning anything of what members of Christianity have done to members of different faiths all over the world. When Europeans began sinking their nails into the New World they were intent on bringing salvation to the indigenous peoples, and were exceedingly violent and murderous toward the Native Americans of North, Central, and South America.

The fucked up descriptions in this video about Christians being persecuted are not all that different from the violence Christians throughout history have resorted to in an effort to force native peoples from all over the world to convert to the God of the Holy Bible. Have Christians ever been persecuted? Oh yes. That is a fact. However, Christians should not try to use their history of persecution as a brownie button or medal of valor considering Christianity's own verifiable history of persecuting others.

This is good. Puts a new spin on the question, "What would Jesus do?"

The title of this video is 'Christian Persecution Coming to America from Islam.' Hummm. Sounds similar to what happened with the religion dragged across the Atlantic when the Europeans began wreaking havoc in the New World. The Europeans had already had loads of practice beating down the pagans and heathens and peasants with Holy Bible based faiths before doing the same thing to the people of the Americas. Considering that, Christians really should stop acting so goddamn surprised that people want to persecute them. I am not saying it is a good thing to persecute Christians or any person of any other faith or no faith. I am just saying that considering Christianity's own trac record with persecuting people they have no grounds to pretend they do not know why Christianity draws the ire of many people.

Christianity lies about far more than some people realize. Scary.

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