Monday, July 8, 2013

From Bad to Worse

Worst Verses and Ideas in the Bible

This is simply outstanding. It is short and sweet and get right to the point of why many people do not believe in the bullshit of the Bible. This man says you do not need science to disbelieve the Bible since the Bible makes itself unbelievable. I agree.

Totally awesome!

You know, maybe if someone invented another outlandish religious text similar to the Bible and then tried to convince Christians that it was in fact total truth, God inspired and absolutely provable in the same manner that Christians try to prove the Bible as actual truth, maybe then at least some Christians would get a teeny bit of an understanding as to what they are doing and how they sound as they try their damnedest to prove the pathetic lie of the Bible as truth.

Hahahahaa!! I love this video! 

The Bible is absolutely repulsive in many ways. If you do not agree consider the rape of women, selling of children, slaughter of animals (not for eating but for sacrifices), genocide (like when God instructs the Israelites to kill everyone EVERYONE in a city), a massive flood that kills everything but a handful of people and animals on a freaking boat, killing of babies, God killing His own Son (oh, but it was for a good cause)...and there is so much more that it would be better that you look it up to be familiarize yourself with true evil in religion.

That is right. When bad things happen to good people it is God's plan. When babies die horribly it is God's plan. When people cheat in relationships it is God's plan. When nations go to war it is God's plan. When your pet gets run over by a car it is God's plan. When you realize you would be happier with a woman rather than a man and you are a woman...that is God's plan for you. When you beaten up because you are a minority that is God's plan. You know what? God can't plan for shit, can He?

Ahh. The illusions of God and the even bigger illusion that this God can help you if you pray hard enough to Him. What happens when God does not answer your prayer? Is He ignoring you?

This lady puts into plain and perfectly understandable English exactly what millions of people think when it comes to the stupidity of claimed miracles by God. God does not perform miracles, never has performed miracles, and never will perform miracles. Of course, this is mainly because He does not exist.

Again, here we have someone who very succinctly speaks on the stupidity of hell and the equal stupidity of telling people who do not believe in God that they will go to hell.

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