Saturday, August 24, 2013

Abusing the Power of the Divine

Using God's Power to Call for the Destruction of People

Prayer is supposed to be one of the greatest gifts man received from God; this is what I was taught growing up. What makes prayer so very special is that it is supposed to be a direct link between God and Man. This 'direct link' to God is so powerful that all things are possible.

Now, all of that sounds all nice and dandy but the truth of the matter is that a frightening number of folks believing in God choose to use this great tool of power not to bring peace and reconciliation and tolerance, but to request the destruction of anyone and everyone even remotely threatening to whatever spiritual beliefs are at stake.

Is Christianity the only religion that contains a large number of adherents who choose to use the power of prayer to destroy instead of build up? Goodness, no. This video is a fine example of such.

In this video charlatan evangelists totally undermine the supposed love of God by praying for war. For added effect the studio claps and cheers their approval.

Oh geeze. Forget praying that others will see the love and mercy of God; that will get you nowhere. Instead, pray for God to send a tornado to wipe out your enemies.

Tell me again how praying for God's wrath and judgment will get you any closer to salvation and eternal happiness with God and Jesus? I missed that the first time around.

WOW. A prayer asking God to break the teeth of your enemies. Totally FUBAR.

While the major religions continue to fight and point fingers at each other while citing that one another worship a violent, mean and angry God...they are each praying to their own God to vest His righteous wrath and destroy all those who think of believe differently. Interesting. So, with God all things are possible and of all the things believers could ask for they ask for war and wrath and violence?

Well, three cheers for spreading the love of Jesus.

So long as people continue to believe the bull crap of Bible-based faiths these same people will continue to pray for the destruction of those who believe differently.

And some people wonder why the government has noted or implied Christianity is dangerous.

Well, well, well. Another douchebag representative of God mouths off.

I do not understand why this man has such difficulty in answering this question with a simple 'no.' Not only that, but he doesn't really give a difinitive answer and seems to hint at a backdoor loophole where, yes, it is okay to pray for the deaths of others.

So, let me get this straight. Efforts to come to some kind of peace agreement in Israel is frowned upon by God? That's your story? God will become angry and express His wrath if people press for peace? I've got that much correct, right?

Somebody was drinking the bong water.

God is soooooooo merciful that in order for people to see and understand His mercy He whips up some natural disaster that kills lots of people and hopefully converts many more to Christ?

WTF is wrong with this picture? Does God really want people to pray this way?

Ahh, the logic and reasoning of the fucktards of the universe.

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