Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Modern-Day Prophets on America

Punishing the Eagle


Do Christians really think that they are doing anyone a favor by threatening all of these terrible things if people do not believe in Jesus? God LOVES you but if you do not believe this way God will KILL you.

You must understand that the only visions that are accepted by Christians are those visions that further their cause and benefit them in some way or other. If it is spooky enough and makes their congregations scared enough they will definitely use the vision or dream or whatever bullshit it is.


Do you ever think about how all of these claims about weather warnings by God and economic warnings by God and whatnot are never identified as such by God Himself, but rather are always identified as warnings and such by people claiming to be speaking for God? Why doesn't God just show Himself and tell people in unequivocal terms what He wants, what He means, what He intends to do? He NEVER does anything Himself but always sends some angel or some preacher or some ridiculous dream. 

These people are fucked in the head and this is evidenced by the fact that they are hearing voices and ascribing such to God.

Oh dear Lord, here we go again with some person claiming to be filled with the 'anointing' and Holy Spirit of God. Give glory to the Father? Are you insane? God is good? God isn't good! How can you read through that thing you refer to as a Bible and say that God is good? Didn't you see the part where there is incest, the part where people were put to death for stupid shit, the part where people were being murdered and their property taken?

Remember what this lady says in regards to 2013. She says this will be the WORST year for America in consideration of the next decade.

Hah! This guy says that the "Enemy" does not want this man to deliver the message that he is delivering here. Uhm-hum. So, I am wondering why God would insist on giving these so-called prophetic dreams to obscure people instead of giving them to the leaders of the nation? You would think that if the info God wants to give is so important that God would give the people who have the most power to fix things these dreams and revelations.

He's BBAAAAACCCKKKKK! An people thought that our dear friend and pal Jimmy Bakker fell off of the planet. It is no wonder that after serving his time in prison he goes right back to doing what he does best...being a charlatan.

So stupid.

So this guy started 'receiving' dreams back in 1968. Did he not dream before this time? Dreams are nothing new, guy. People have been having dreams since the beginning of time. It is amazing what passes for prophetic dreaming these days.

This person is out of her goddamn mind. Hummm...so God told you to tell me something He wants me to know. Why didn't God just tell me Himself instead of going through you?

Sooooo...God is getting ready to peel off the layers of deception in this country? With any luck He will take all the charlatan preachers like you as His first layer to peel away.

I think that sometimes these people who claim to be receiving messages from God erroneously believe that if they say to the listeners that they do not "ask for these visions and information" that such a statement somehow makes them more believable or credible or something.

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