Friday, August 30, 2013

My God's Anger

Are you a Christian? Do you seek to convert people with stories of your God's love, saying, "My God loves you SO much He crucified His own Son on the cross for your sins?" Then when people don't want to convert to your God because of His supposed love do you find yourself trying to convert the people you preach to with threats of your God's anger, saying, "The time is short. You only have so long to accept God's love before His wrath comes upon all those who do not believe in and follow Him. Repent NOW! Lest the wrath of my God be upon you!"

I am ashamed to say used to think like this. I was raised to believe in the Bible and everything it has to say, and you know what? I am SO glad I saw the light and dropped the gospel of hate that fills the pages of the Bible. God loves you but hates your sin and will fry you in hell forever unless you believe in Him? Do you people who believe this crap and preach it, do you really look at and think about what you are saying? Do you see the problems with how you are trying to convert people to your bloodthirsty God? 

Since the time I dropped the belief in the Christian God (or any of the gods for that matter) I have had a few individuals try to convert me back to the lunacy of the Bible's gospel. When I refuse I lay out my arguments, and I am often told that the reasons I am giving for not believing are not the truth, and that the REAL reason for my disbelief is my stubborn will to purposely do the opposite of whatever God commands. I am told, "You just do not like being under the directives of the Most High God and are like a disobedient child ignoring their parent. Like a disobedient child and parent end up with the parent disciplining the child, God will discipline you for your going against His word. You will reap His wrath."

What an absurd way to try to convert people to a religious belief. Threats? Are you serious? So, I am supposed to read all of these terrible things in the Bible that recount the horrible things the Christian God has done to people, and all of that terror is supposed to turn me to your twisted God? Are you insane? Yes, I think there is a little insanity involved in this entire, ridiculous religion thing. Why don't we take a peek at some of the folks claiming stupid crap about an ANGRY God about to burst a heart valve in the heat of His anger toward all those who do not want to believe in Him or His twisted religion.

So, your anger runs deep? I don't give a shit. Apparently, you have had a long-standing problem controlling your anger. I very strongly suggest that, since you are supposed to be the ultimate Almighty, that you conjure up some medication or SOMETHING to help you deal with your anger. Being that angry for as long as you have apparently been angry is NOT a healthy thing. You do know that being so angry CAN in fact kill you, correct?

How you can put science and corrupt religion into the same category is beyond me. Science is NOT religion and religion certainly should NEVER be taken as science. So, take your little chalice of wrath and shove it. I don't care how mighty you say you are. I don't care how many people you say you have killed. I don't care how many times in the Bible you say you will break everyone down to their knees so they will bow to you in submission. You are wrong, Mr. God, and while you say this and that is an abomination, the truth is you are the ultimate abomination for no matter how much love you are supposed to encompass you always choose hate. F**k you.

Religion is one big giant lie. Talk about wrath and sin all you want, but the bottom line is all you have is the deluded ravings of a book that is rife with error and loaded with hate. You go right on ahead and burn with all the wrath you want, asshole. You are sick with your anger and the desire to spill it out on anyone who will not do the stupid and hateful things you command. You are sick. The only fearful thing about God's supposed wrath is that this God of the Bible is quick to use His wrath to destroy anything at the drop of a hat. Then, when this same sicko God withholds His supposed wrath His idiot followers label that as love.

Earthquakes and tornadoes and high winds and droughts are part of the functioning health of the weather patterns of this planet and have NOTHING to do with the wrath of any divine being.

That's right. God is terrible. The only thing God fills anyone with on a consistent basis is fear.

Know Who the real God is and how the real God feels? God is frustrated and weary of mere mortal men and women? You do realize this is a problem with your ridiculous claim that your God is perfect, right? Is this what you have to preach in order to get people to believe your bullshit? Is that it? So many people walk right past your God to something else so you find it necessary to preach doom and gloom and hate and fear? I do not want your pathetic God or His pathetic message or His pathetic anger or His deluded book of misdeeds.

Nice. These people are really beyond fucked in the head. My goodness, look at what they are doing to their children. So SO sad. And making it worse these people use the law to back up the ridiculousness of their hate. People should just stop paying these idiots any mind at all. Don't give them money, no talk shows, no attention, no commercials...nothing.

Oh yeah...God is perfect. So, He was perfect when He told the children of Israel to completely obliterate an entire town and rip open the bellies of the pregnant women? What about when He allowed Lot to sleep and impregnate BOTH of his daughters? When He totally destroyed Job's life and the people in his life? Wait...when He let 9/11 happen, right? That was His so-called perfect judgment, right? Buddy, you need to try a lot harder to sell that bullshit.

This is hilarious. This is why God hates abortion? Hum. So, again explain to me why God told his soldiers in the Old Testament to destroy an entire town and rip open the bellies of the pregnant women if this very same God hates abortion? How does this work? Since it was God ordering the abortion it isn't abortion? Oh, wait. I get it. Because it wasn't the mother herself trying to remove the baby from her body it is not considered to be abortion. Whatever.

The Christian God is no different than any other God in the history of religion and in the history of all the things that people have ever worshiped. He is every bit as mean, jealous, stingy, angry, cruel, murderous, aggressive, backstabbing, hateful, spiteful, wicked...

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