Saturday, May 25, 2013

When God Doesn't Forgive

And You Thought Love Conquered All

     Shalom! I have a message from Jesus. Jesus loves you very much and wants to forgive you. So long as you love one another God will love you and will be in you and His forgiveness will be in you. Remember that God's love and forgiveness are, say it with me folks, PERFECT. The man who says he loves God but hates his brother is a liar. Hummm. Maybe someone should tell the hell fire and damnation preachers of the world to stop hating their gay and lesbian and atheist brethren. What's that you say? Oh, that's right. My bad. The term 'brethren' refers only to those who are Christian and believe in the Bible and don't do anything that the professors of God claim that God hates.
     So, don't forget that it is okay to hate those and NOT forgive those who don't believe in the Bible or who are gay or lesbian since they are not to be considered brethren. And as always you must remember that Jesus loves you. If you want God's forgiveness you had best believe.

     So, we are all filthy sinners who are stained. Lovely. But remember, Jesus gets it out with religion, the stain-lifter, that's all. Jesus loves you sooooo much and wants to show you that love, but if you don't do what religion and the Bible say then you can't have this love and you WON'T have this love and you WILL NOT be forgiven. Well considering that, you can take the ideas of forgiveness and love conquering all and toss them right out the church window.

     Wait a minute. The other guy said that Jesus forgives all sin. Which is it? Does Jesus or doesn't Jesus forgive all sins with His love for you? If there are strings attached to this supposed greatest love of all that is supposed to come from the divine then this love is a fraud and does not conquer all.
     This guy should have filmed his short film of Christian enlightenment indoors. He sounds and looks like he is frozen. Hey, maybe he can use some of that mighty love and forgiveness of Jesus to thaw out.

     Forgive God and forgive the church? Lady are you high? Do you know what God and the church have done to humankind throughout the history of man? And yes, this supposed God of yours has a horrible habit of dealing people really shitty hands. I mean, look at the entire African continent, right? Need I say more about that? God seems to have real trouble reconciling His message of forgiveness with actually forgiving. In addition to that He leaves lots of 'outs' for those in religion to NOT forgive others.
     How about the history of God's own supposed chosen people? He loves them SO goddamn much and forgives them SO much that He plops them smack dab in the middle of all of the countries that hate them the most. And how about the Spanish Inquisition, violent behaviors of groups claiming to function on behalf of God, and horrible treatment of all those who have no desire to believe the cracker jack of the Bible? What about the assholes who pushed westward in North America, claiming all along that God wanted them to bring faith and love to the Native Americans? How well did that work out for the Natives? Why not ask the Native Americans...well, the tribes that are still in existence, that is?

     So, Jesus and God forgive everything...except blasphemy. So, wouldn't it them follow that love does not conquer all after all? And what the heck is the deal with the retarded analogy of the land mine in someone's house? There is no correlation there, you nitwit. A person who elects to remain in a home where he/she knows there is a landmine is a complete moron. But that is okay, right? Even though God doesn't forgive those who chose to NOT worship His crazy ass I bet He forgives the morons of the universe.

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